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CakeReks bakehouse specialises in unique cookies, brownies and cakes for any special occasion.

CakeReks originally started in 2016 baking cookies, brownies and cakes to sell direct to customers at farmers and craft markets in Victoria. With the current situation CakeReks adapted and was quickly taken online www.cakereks.com.au taking online orders and a 'cakes to your doorstep' delivery service as well as supplying local cafes.


CakeReks showcase the classics as well as combining new and experimental flavours in the range.  And they didn't stop there. After constant testing in the kitchen, CakeReks came up with a Vegan and a Gluten Free range that doesn't compromise on indulgent quality of all the baked goods. 

CakeReks boxes include "Crazy for Cookies", "Bonkers for Brownies", "Mad for the Mix" and "Gaga for Gluten Free" and "Virtuous Vegan". 


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So what’s behind the name “CakeReks”? The founder and baker, Rekha, often has her name shortened to “Reks”, and with a love for all things cake - eating it, baking it, looking at it, "CakeReks" was a no brainer!


CakeReks operates from a Kingston Council certified kitchen.

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